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by Elizabeth Smith, MD

Chemical Estrogens (Xenoestrogens) Cause Menstrual Cramps!
Lisa gets Menstrual Cramp Remedy - Avoid Xenoestrogens, Take Natural Progesterone

HI. I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I eliminated the parabens/xenoestrogens for a month and a half and began to use the progesterone oil as directed (and the laundry detergent). I have had a normal menstrual period for the first time in about 10 years!!? It is the first time I have been able to be off birth control with no side bloating or menstrual cramping!!! OrchidI am so happy I discovered your website and product. It is people like you who really care and take the time to educate and help those in need. After having been to so many doctors with no avail, I can finally say I feel healthy for the first time in quite a while. Thank you for all the great information you provide to your customers. You are a blessing!

-Lisa B. , Irvine, CA

Dysmenorrhea free and happy

"Natural Progesterone Prevents Breast Cancer.

Artificial synthetic progestins [Provera, Megestrol] cause Breast Cancer."

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John Lee, MD

Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief

In over 5 years of clinical practice since 1999 for menstrual cramps, and 3500 patients for female problems. We have found the menstrual cramp cure. We have even gotten rid of severe menstrual cramps that have plagued women for years in 3 months or less! Menstrual cramps are the result of contractions of the uterus and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, headache, or lightheadedness. The 25 cent medical term for menstrual cramping is primary dysmenorrhea. "Dys" means pain and "menorrhea" refers to period. Dysmenorrhea means "painful period." Menstrual cramps may or may not be accompanied by pms, premenstrual syndrome. PMS is characterized by premenstrual bloating and cyclical breast tenderness among other symptoms.

End Menstural Cramping, be free and happyWe tell our patients to avoid xenoestrogens (xeno means foreign) and take Natural Progesterone. Patients claim that this simple solution is the menstrual cramp remedy! There are certain chemicals in our environment that act like estrogen and/or hormone disrupting that make the menstrual cramp worse. These xenoestrogens have been implicated in early puberty in girls aged 8 making them sprout breast buds and pubic hair.

Natural Progesterone is used by OB/GYN's that specialize in fertility to prevent 1st trimester miscarriage and calm the uterus down and STOP the miscarriage contractions. My patients tell me that regular OB/GYN's are unaware that there is a difference between Natural Progesterone and synthetic progestins and birth control pills. But OB/GYN's that specialize infertility DO know the difference between synthetic progestins and Natural Progesterone. See the difference for yourself here. Natural Progesterone is NOT the same as the PROGESTIN found in birth control pills. Quite the opposite. Birth control pills CAUSE cancer. Natural Progesterone PREVENTS cancer. Natural Progesterone is bioidentical to the hormone that your body produces. Synthetic Progestins are chemically modified so that they can be patented. Natural Progesterone is canNOT be patented because it is found in nature. Why is this important? If a progestin is patented by a company, only they can make that progestin. Then they can charge high prices (over one hundred dollars per month) and make large profits. With the high profits, the companies can hire $60,000 - $100,000 per year salesmen to push these patented artificial progestins on unsuspecting physicians. So, Birth Control Pills are NOT the SAME as Natural Progesterone. See Progestins.

Mainstream medicine asserts that the menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions. The uterine contractions are caused by prostaglandins. So they treat the menstrual cramps with drugs like Ibuprofen (Motrin), and Naproxen (Naprosyn) that block the body's ability to make prostaglandins. However, as any women can tell you, these drugs kind of work, but the drugs don't work too well.

I am going to the cause of the cause of the problem. I am saying that you should eliminate the things that cause the abnormal release of prostaglandins. Go upstream and solve the root of the problem.

See a new website explaining the cause of Menstrual Cramps and treatment using avoidance of xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone.

Enter Natural Progesterone for the Menstrual Cramp (Dysmennorhea)

"Pro" means for and "Gesterone" means gestation. Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy. I have personally stopped 1st trimester miscarriages by applying topical Natural Progesterone on the women having the miscarriage uterine contractions. I had one women that was having a miscarriage with contractions at eight weeks. Within 3 hours of applying topical Natural Progesterone the contractions stopped. She carried a healthy set of twins to term (as of 2005 they are still healthy, smart and at two years old). OB/GYN's specializing in fertility (not the regular OB/GYN's) know the trick of using Natural Progesterone to stop 1st trimester miscarriage contractions as well. In a city of one million people, there are only 2-3 OB/GYN's that specialize in fertility (they are rare birds).

I had been using Natural Progesterone and the avoidance of xenoestrogens to treat endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pms, fibrocystic breast disease, and uterine fibroids as has John Lee, MD since 1999. Then, my patients quite consistently told me (quite happily) that their menstrual cramps would go away too!

I would estimate that our success rate tops 90% of completely getting rid of menstrual cramps if the patient is willing to make some simple lifestyle changes and take Natural Progesterone.

Natural Progesterone does away with mentrual cramping "Women with PMS often experience painful periods (dysmenorrhea) which are most often caused when the endometrial lining of the uterus extends into the muscular wall of the uterus (adenomyosis). When shedding of the endometrium occurs (menstruation), the blood is released into the muscular lining, causing severe pain. Conventional medicine treats this pain with NSAIDS (non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen, but ignores the underlying metabolic hormonal imbalance that caused it. The problem can often be simply resolved by restoring proper progesterone levels, which restores normal growth and shedding of the endometrium."

John Lee, MD

The Role of Xenoestrogens, Phytoestrogens and Hormone Disrupters for the Menstrual Cramp

The Herman-Giddens landmark study of 1997 showed that 15% of girls aged 8 in the United State are sprouting breast buds and pubic hair. Among African Americans 50% of girls aged 8 are sprouting breast buds and pubic hair. The cover story in Time Magazine October 30, 2000 implicated various chemicals that mimicked estrogen as causing early puberty. See the TIME article on early puberty here.

The breast cancer incidence during the 1950's in the USA was 1 out of 20. In 1989, the breast cancer incidence was 1 out of 11. In 2004, according to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, the breast cancer incidence was 1 out of 8 in the USA. There are areas of the USA where breast cancer is much more prevalent.

In 2004, 43% of the male bass in the Potomac river were producing eggs. See the article from the Washington Post here about feminized male bass here. In 2004, below the sewage outfall in the Platte River, Colorado, the ratio of female fish to male White Sucker fish was 9 to 1 with 10% hemaphrodites (a hemaphrodite is half female and half male). Above the sewage outfall in the Platte River, the ratio of male fish to female fish is 1 to 1. See the article from the Denver Post here about feminized white sucker fish here. Clearly, there are hormone disrupters present in the sewage outfall in the Platte River.

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A hormone is a chemical messenger.

It is like the blueprint for the building is virgin and untouched. The masons that are building the wall of the building are healthy. However, the messengers that read the blueprint and tell the masons what to do are screwed up. Thus, the building becomes screwed up. The building is your body. Being screwed up means you get the menstrual cramp.

Excercise free and happyThese chemicals are NOT toxic. The chemicals are NOT carcinogenic. The chemicals are now known as hormone disrupters. Chemicals that specifically mimic estrogen are called xenoestrogens "xeno" means foreign. So xenoestrogen means foreign estrogen. The new theory that has been espoused since 1991, is that these xenoestrogens are causing many female problems such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, premenstrual syndrome, and most recently menstrual cramps. In 1996, the EPA was given a congressional mandate to study the effects of hormone disrupters. However, the EPA is 5 years behind, not for lack of trying, but because the science is new and no one knows what the testing standard should be. Read about xenoestrogens here.

Scientists now think that many female problems including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pms, and breast cysts are caused by xenoestrogens ("xeno" means foreign).

The menstrual cramp is also thought to be caused by xenoestrogens and/or hormone disrupters.

The Menstrual Cramp (Dysmenorrhea), Xenoestrogens and Parabens used as Preservatives

When my patients, cut out xenoestrogens diligently and take Natural Progesterone, almost always menstrual cramping becomes a thing of the past, and they begin to feel "normal" - menstrual cramp free again.

The most prominent xenoestrogen (but not the only one) that seems to associated with menstrual cramping is parabens that are present as preservatives in shampoos, lotions and liquid personal care products. Although parabens are relatively nontoxic, and are not very carcinogenic, parabens are a xenoestrogen. It seems that in my practice if we eliminate parabens (along with other xenoestrogens) in the patient's environment much of the menstrual cramping goes away. Giving the patient Natural Progesterone gets rid of the remainder of the menstrual cramping.

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John Sumpter from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex found subcutaneous administration of butylparaben produced a positive estrogenic response on uterine tissue.

In my practice, I initially used progesterone creams that had parabens as preservatives and many of my patients complained of increased menstrual cramping. Endometriosis patients complained of increased pain from the progesterone cream formulated with parabens as a preservative.

One of my physician colleagues, had a one woman that had a menstrual cramp for 15 years. She went on a program of avoidance of xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone. She was menstrual cramp free for one entire year. Then, all of a sudden, she began to have menstrual cramps for 3 consecutive months and called my physician colleague to complain. The colleague asked her, "What did you change 3 months ago?" She answered sheepishly that her daughter worked for a beauty salon and was able to get designer shampoos and hair care products for half price, and so she began to use those products 3 months ago.

Natural Progesterone gets rid of Dysmenorrhea On Using Natural Progesterone:

"It's as if my body breathed a big sigh of relief ."

"My life is back on track and my symptoms are gone."

John Lee, MD's Patients

Remedy for the Menstrual Cramp ( Dysmenorrhea )

I tell my patients to avoid chemicals that act like estrogen (xenoestrogens) and take over-the-counter topical Natural Progesterone to quiet the uterus naturally. The progesterone cream should be formulated WITHOUT parabens. The menstrual cramp is generally gone in 2-3 months. Even the severe menstrual cramp goes away after 2-3 months.

The majority of my women patients revel in being normal again with no severe menstrual cramp for the first time in years.

Anne Recommends Progestelle for Menstrual Cramp Treatment

I recommend this product. For 15 years, I had severe cramps. I had to take 6 ibuprofen every few hours for 2 days. I had been known to cry from the pain and nearly wanted to go to the hospital if I ever tried not to take pain medication. I went to doctors who, even while sympathetic, could not tell me what was wrong. Every test came back normal, but I knew something was wrong. I had researched years ago alternatives and the only thing I ever heard suggested was to become a vegan, which I already was. I had long given up hope, except for a glimmer that one day led me to your website. I followed your protocols about xenoestogens - got rid of most plastic and changed toiletries and laundry soap. In the beginning I used the recommended dose, but as time went on my use was a bit more erratic - mainly because I like experimenting. I have found that when I use the recommended dose consistently, I have virtually no cramps whatsoever. I have also found that after using Progestrelle for nearly two years, on the months I don't use it, my cramps are no worse than the feelings of indigestion. And while I did change my diet recently to 100% raw vegan, which seems to have helped as well, I am convinced that this product performed nothing less than a miracle. I don't think I can express my gratitude, because to be honest, I wasn't sure that it would work! Every woman who has cramps should at least give this product a shot and see if it helps.

I don't know if I am good at writing testimonials, but in writing this, I realized how truly grateful I am. Sometimes I forget because there are so many "medicines" out there that don't work... and there are so many people that try to sell you things that are next to useless. I didn't think it would work, and even now I don't understand how it did work. It seems so simple, and I don't understand why no one told me about it. So sometimes I think I just imagined it all! But I know that can't be true. But the alternative seems so scary... why can't women buy this product everywhere... why don't doctors recommend it? Anyway, either I imagined it all, or you truly saved my life. I don't mean that melodramatically. There were times when the pain was so great that I thought I would be better off dead.


-Anne S. , Oakland, CA

*Whole grains also regulate hormonal levels due to their high levels of vitamin B and vitamin E, which have a beneficial effect on both the liver and the ovaries. In 1942, a researcher named Biskind found that B vitamin deficiency hindered the liver's ability to metabolize estrogen levels in both animal and human test subjects. The addition of B vitamin supplementation to the diet of women suffering from PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, and fibrocystic breast disease helped to decrease the severity of their symptoms. Studies conducted at UCLA Medical School during the 1980s found that taking a specific B vitamin, pyridoxine B6, helped to relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps and PMS.

Research also conducted during the 1980s at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center similarly found, in several placebo controlled studies, that vitamin E is useful in reducing many PMS symptoms, as well as fibrocystic breast discomfort. Other studies have found that vitamin E supplementation reduced menopause related hot flashes, fatigue, and mood swings in 66 to 85 percent of the women tested, depending on the study. One additional study noted a decrease in the symptoms of vaginal atrophy in 50 percent of the postmenopausal women volunteers.